TAD believes it is never too soon or too late for learning. Many organizations are faced with the dilemma of finding new leaders or thinking creatively about how to use the talent they have. TAD consultants can work with an organization’s leadership to identify what developmental opportunities may assist in driving forward strategic initiatives. Once a goal has been established, TAD performs needs assessments to determine an organization’s training requirements and then can employ one of the many existing training modules that can be delivered directly and efficiently, or develop a program customized to the organization. Throughout training, TAD encourages employees to be open to new ideas, decisions, skills or behaviors that provides them with more effective paths to achieve their career goals. Because training is not effective unless techniques are actively adopted, TAD works with the organization to identify ways of monitoring behaviors and objectively measure the training effectiveness.

Contact TAD at or 636-735-3687 to perform a needs assessment to determine the best training modules for your organization.