Succession Planning

Succession planning is vital to the long-term viability of any organization. Failure to plan leads to a lack of understanding of the future needs of the organization and can leave an organization vulnerable when change inevitably occurs, whether from sudden rapid growth, a change in strategy or from an unexpected departure. TAD’s succession planning efforts help ensure our clients have strong, unified teams that can react quickly and effectively to new opportunities and challenges. TAD works with organizations to implement succession strategies to meet any future contingency by designing systematic methods for executives to evaluate their key positions and identify back-ups for each. Such efforts inevitably lead to discussions regarding development and recruiting initiatives which are critical to the long term success of an organization because it generally takes years to develop effective senior managers. Since it is projected there will be a critical shortage of middle and top level leaders in the foreseeable future, organizations will need to focus more on creating internal pools of candidates with high leadership potential.

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