Family Business

Only about 30 percent of family businesses make a successful transition from one generation to the next. The reason that control slips to outside leadership is because management fails to realize the impact of the emotional discord that can result from family members working together. TAD consultants have years of experience working with family businesses addressing the unique needs and requirements of those businesses. TAD guides organizations through the often emotional issues related to working, and living, with family members. In addition, TAD works with individual family members to successfully navigate the complicated relationships that are a given factor in a family business. TAD consultants understand the difficulties inherent in wearing “multiple hats,” such as sibling, parent, co-worker and boss. TAD consultants also help family businesses objectively discuss which roles are best suited for each family member, devise a generational transition plan, and organize family council meetings and advisory boards. Such efforts have been shown to increase the likelihood of successful growth in the family business, thereby preserving it for generations to come.

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