The transition of leadership is a critical time in an organization. Leaders are very vulnerable during the first several months of their new position as they often lack a clear understanding of the challenges they are facing, and do not have the support of a network to assist them in the transition. This can be both frustrating for the leader and the leader’s team. If managed properly, the transition can have a very positive impact on a group, giving them new ideas and inspiration. If managed poorly, the risk of turnover, both for the leader and for the team is great. In fact, turnover during the first 90 days is higher than during any other period of employment. On-boarding programs are critical to the early success of new employees. TAD can help organizations develop processes for both types of programs, either by creating completely new ones, or by adapting existing ones to help new employees become productive more quickly, not only enhancing their immediate value to the organization, but also improving retention in the long run.

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