Essentially, assessments are done for two reasons, selection and development. TAD’s selection assessments offer organizations a sophisticated process that provides valid, objective methods to evaluate the likelihood that a person’s talents can meet the needs of a position. The processes for selection assessment keep the organization well informed of the candidates’ progress as they are assessed. TAD’s methods are efficient enough to stand up to the time pressures recruiting demands but also allow for the organization to stay apprised of the candidate’s progress. And, recognizing the needs of today’s businesses, TAD not only offers the highest quality assessments, but also typically makes the reports available within one business day from the time candidates complete the process. Further, TAD works with clients to evaluate the effectiveness of our services for their organizations and estimate the return on investment of our services.

Development assessments provide individuals, leaders, HR professionals and executives with the information and evaluations they need to understand the best way to enhance the careers of their employees and create greater value for the entire organization. TAD also offers group profiles that provide objective data to support needs assessments, succession planning, staff planning, and other key human resource programs.

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The American Psychologist, May- June 2008, Vol. 63, No.4